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If you install Office 2007 in other language than English, you can get the other languages from the same website: But this site only offers the international languages. MS.OFFICE.LANGUAGE.PACK.2007.IT download A: Outlook only supports Office 2016 (and Office 2013) so the Office Multi-Language Packs only work for those versions of Office. Office 2007 does not support these packs. This Microsoft article should be helpful: Q: JavaFX Loader and Passing of Object I'm using a loader in a JavaFX UI but I am having trouble passing the object that is loaded from the loader to another class. I can load the object fine, but when I want to pass it to another class the object is null. Any help would be appreciated, Here is the class with the loader : public class DashboardController { public TableColumnCategory[] categories = new TableColumnCategory[4]; public TableColumnCategoryCategory[] categoryCategory = new TableColumnCategoryCategory[4]; public Object category; public Map> CategoryValueMap = new HashMap>(); public DashboardController(){ this.init(); } private void init(){ Loader loader = new Loader(){ @Override protected ObservableList load(URL location) { ObservableList categories






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